Getting Past the Storms: Questions to Ask Roofers Before Signing a Contract

Getting Past the Storms: Questions to Ask Roofers Before Signing a Contract

As storm season approaches in North Texas, and the likelihood of strong storms increases, so does the possibility of hail or other storm damage to your roof. When strong, damaging storms impact your area, you can be sure an army of salesmen will descend upon your neighborhood, trying to position themselves as the right choice to help assess the damage and repair (or replace) your roof. So how do you know what information is accurate and who to trust?

Before hiring a roofing contractor, here are a few criteria you can use to gauge whether or not they are a good choice to repair or replace your roof. We’ve also included some tips on questions you should ask any prospective roofing contractor.

Roofers can claim to be certified by a manufacturer of a roofing product, like a sheet metal company, or a shingle manufacturer. Most of these companies have a list of certified contractors that boast their product certification. Look online for a list like that.

The state of Texas used to have a licensing program, and it has been in debates for a while to bring it back for professional industries. Currently the only license that is available comes through RCAT: Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. Check for the roofer’s name on their website or by calling.

You want to make sure your roofer is insured with a liability plan that covers roofing, because some do not. Not only that, you also want to know what your roofer is offering to do with your insurance. If they refer to “eating,” “waiving,” or “covering” your deductible, be aware of how this can lead to insurance fraud if any invoices or other documents are falsified. Insurance is the biggest player in the roofing industry and it’s best to get educated before starting a roofing project with a contractor.

There are a lot of roofing companies that boast a membership to NTRCA, BBB, or RCAT, but some of those claims are hollow. It’s best to check online with each of those organizations for the roofer’s membership.

Finally, check to see if the roofing company is based locally. Some roofers move to where the storm hits to pick up jobs. Some of these roofers operate out of their vehicles, or have a temporary p.o. Box, and it’s best to find someone local. There is more attention given by local contractors, and it is good to help the community. Check with the contractor on that before signing a contract.

Based on all the information we’ve provided, consider asking these questions when meeting with a roofer:
– When did you become a certified installer of said product?
– How long have you been installing that product?
– Can you send me a copy of your certificate, or where I can find your name on the list of certified installers?
– Can I see a copy of your license?
– Can I see a copy of your insurance certificate?
– How does your company handle insurance projects like mine? (Compare to industry standards)
– Are you a member with any business organizations? (If yes) Which companies and for how long?
– Where are you based out of?
– What’s your business address?
– Can I see your driver’s license