5 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

5 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

Is it time to give the windows in your home an upgrade? Windows are essential to our quality of life. They shield us from harsh exterior conditions and moderate the temperature in our homes while simultaneously filtering glorious sunshine into our spaces. As much as we need windows, they often fade into the background of our consciousness as we go about our lives and we pay little attention to their condition. If you’re not sure why having quality windows is necessary, here are 5 advantages to replacing them.

1. Reduced Energy Costs. Nobody loves a sky-high energy bill and having good windows helps greatly reduce your monthly costs. In both summer and winter, it’s crucial to have quality insulation on all your windows and doors to guarantee an ideal temperature throughout the year. Even the slightest damage to your insulation can cause a drastic increase in your electric bill and create the additional hassle of overworking your HVAC units.

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2. Noise Cancellation. Quality windows are good for more than just stabilizing the room te

mperature, but also help with eliminating extra noise from disturbing your peace and quiet. Select windows with noise reducing glass options, such as triple pane or sound control glass, and cancel out outside clamor.

3. Easy Upkeep. Old windows age overtime and make it arduous to maintain in good condition. Install new ones with increased longevity and advanced design so you can cut back on the amount of time spent cleaning or repairing. In addition, new designs such as between-the-glass blinds, makes cleaning even more time efficient and minimizes the amount of dust collected in your home.

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4. Increased Home Value. Wanting to sell your home? We suggest replacing your windows in advance of listing on the market to increase your home value and create greater appeal for potential buyers. The National Association of Realtors states that, “window replacement projects can return homeowners more than 78% of the project costs upon resale.” Sounds like a good investment to us.

5. Better Curb Appeal. In addition to resale value, new windows add great curb appeal and a fresh look to any home. Select a style, material, and design that complements your exterior infrastructure and adds visual attraction. Down the road when you’re ready to sell, prospects will appreciate the added bonus.

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Having great windows is important for every homeowner for many reasons, including reduced energy costs, noise cancellation, easy upkeep, increased home value, and better curb appeal. Call us today and we’d love to discuss with you the benefits of window replacement for your home.