Buying A New Home? Know What To Look For In The Roof

Buying A New Home? Know What To Look For In The Roof

When purchasing a new home, most buyers painstakingly look at every detail of the interior so they know more about the condition of the property. From the shape of the floor to the age of the appliances, most buyers make it a point to inspect everything more than once. However, one area that’s often left ignored is the roof. This is unfortunate since the roof is one of the most important parts of any home and needs to be monitored in order to stay in good shape.

Do You Know How to Check a Roof?

If you’re about to buy a home and want to make your roof a priority, there are many things you should look at for a proper inspection. This goes deeper than just eyeing the condition from the ground, as this doesn’t offer the best perspective possible. The most important details to look at can be found below.

1. Mold Spots or Stains

Spots and stains are details you should watch out for, as these are signs of mold. While black mold is the most common, you may also see other colors such as green or even white. In most cases the mold spots will be located on the top of the roofing material, although in some situations the spots can be located closer to the bottom of the material where water has intruded into the home.

If any areas in the interior were treated for water damage, it’s important to take a close look at your roofing material. In most cases, homeowners will fix the area where the water came inside while ignoring the starting point where it first hit the roof. Since mold can deteriorate your roof and release dangerous spores into the air (and your home), it’s important to tackle this problem immediately. If you choose to go through with the purchase, you should be ready to either invest in a new roof or repairs.
mold on roof
2. The Overall Condition

Beyond looking for mold, it’s also important to look at the roof as a whole to see how it’s holding up. Are there shingles missing? Are there any shingles that look cracked or curled? Try to find out when the roof was installed from the sellers so you can determine how much longer you have left before it needs to be replaced. If you’re not comfortable getting on the roof or you have questions about areas of concern, call a professional.

3. Gutters

Since the gutters are such an important part of your roof’s overall health, it’s incredibly important to see what shape they are in before you buy. In most cases, gutters will simply be messy and need to be cleaned out in order for the water to flow more smoothly. However, if there is any damage to the gutters, this can lead to significant water damage on your roof as well as the interior of your home.

Tip: Also inspect the drainage pipes and downspouts to ensure your seepage system as a whole is in good shape.
inspect the drainage pipes and downspouts
4. Ventilation

A ventilation system on the roof is a crucial part of a healthy home. It should allow both air and sun to come inside so you can avoid the risk of mold while keeping ventilation running throughout the home. There are many different types of roof vents, so if you’re not sure what you’re looking at, it’s recommended to have a roofer explain what’s going on.

5. Sagging

If you see any sign of sagging on the ceilings inside of the home, this could mean water damage has occurred in the past. The smartest way to address this is by having a roofer look under the shingles to determine if any damage has been done. They’ll be able to look for water damage as well as mold so you can prepare for repairs or a new roof if you decide to buy.
sign of sagging on the ceilings
6. Downspout Location

All downspouts on the roof should not lead directly into the ground, otherwise, you will experience flooding. Instead, these should be placed at a steep angle so the water runoff will be directed away from the house.

Are You Ready to Buy?

When purchasing a home in DFW and North Texas, don’t let a beautiful interior become the main focus. While it’s important to love the way the house looks inside, the outside must also be in good shape. The roof, in particular, should become a priority. Fortunately, by having a licensed roofer take a look at the details above, you can buy with confidence and fewer surprises in your future.