Trinity Roofing & Construction  is proud to offer products which are a part of the ENERGY STAR® program.

The Energy Star Most Efficient mark is an extension of the ENERGY STAR® brand and is designed to recognize and advance the most efficient products among those in the industry that qualify for the Energy Star designation. The goal of this endeavor is to promote and encourage the development of new, more energy-efficient products into the market more quickly.

Our window products, with high performance glass and insulation systems not only earned the Energy Star mark, but because our systems give customers greater returns in efficiency, they have earned the prestigious Most Efficient designation provided by Energy Star.


What this means is that our window products bearing these efficient properties give customers an even greater payback on their investment on their new windows.  When developing new products for the market,Trinity Exteriors considers the overall benefits to the customer while designing the product to be advanced in every area, including efficiency, by utilizing the very best and latest in technology and innovative product components to achieve the highest performance for that type of product.

Ask us which of our products are Energy Star approved.